The Mission of Jubilee Organics

At Jubilee, who we are lies in our deep-rooted desire to help others eat better. It really is that simple. Eating organic has become easier and consumers are more educated about who grows their food, but even so, our current food culture encourages quick, easy meals that lack in nutritional value.

Our story is powerful, one that serves as a testament to the value of eating easy to digest, nutrient rich meals. Jubilee’s Founder, Ryan Duncan, created Jubilee Organics out of a backyard hydroponics project. It was his creation to cure himself of indigestion, acid reflux and hypertension. Ryan stumbled into something that truly worked and he now shares that secret to success, which is beyond organic produce that is grown by someone you can trust.

At Jubilee, everything starts with the soil. Even organic produce can lose its nutrient density when grown in soil that is lacking. Our team focuses on caring for the soil and keeping it healthy so that we can supply the best produce season after season. We don’t believe in chemical treatments or sprays, rather in cultivating healthy soil that grows incredible tasting produce.

Our mission at Jubilee is to provide the healthiest food possible for the people in our community. We believe that we have discovered produce that is truly medicinal, and it is our goal to share it with those who need it most. From our signature soups, to our fresh-picked passionfruit and bananas, Jubilee Organics has something truly remarkable to share.

At the heart of our business lies a belief in the benefit of a plant-based diet and a goal to share it with those who are experiencing the negative effects of eating in the fast lane. Jubilee Organics is dedicated to providing the highest quality produce to those in our both immediate and far reaching communities. It’s about more than just the food, but the people we are feeding. That is why we make such an effort to share our product with local businesses.

Recently, we have partnered with Tellers Coffee in Downtown Bradenton in an effort to share our truly organic produce with more locals. You can find farm fresh ingredients being served as easy, quick lunches in the form of wraps, salads and sandwiches. We have also partnered with Sandbar Restaurant on Anna Maria Island, which serves our signature recipes for their hungry customers. Locals, look for our products at Michael John’s and Shake Station coming soon!

As we grow, we recognize the importance of sharing the abundance we have on the farm with the people who are right in our own backyard. Jubilee Organics is a local business with a passion for feeding both the body and the soul of those who eat our produce. It’s about more than the food on our plates or the produce picked from the trees. It’s about sharing the gift of truly organic, healing foods with those who need it most.