Meet the Chef, Jamie Busch


Meet The Chef, Jamie Busch

Tell us about you and your love for truly organic ingredients.

“I have vivid memories of playing in my home garden as a child, laying in the soil plucking strawberries, blueberries and greens. I’d spend time picking berries with my parents, harvesting them to make pancakes. My parents always welcomed me to join them in food making and I found that I had a natural gift for adding herbs and spices to season the meals.”

How did you discover your passion for cooking?

“As a teenager, I found that cooking a pot of soup or pasta for friends really brought us all together and made people happy. I was hooked and started working after school in a local restaurant to learn more on the job.”

How long have you been cooking and what are your favorite meals to prepare at home?

“I started my career as a Chef in 2008 when I was 26, the year my first daughter was born. I started a food business called Let's Spoon - Seasonal Soups from Scratch. I built a website and would send a weekly email with a menu of three soups and sometimes a dessert too. Customers would email their order. I’d come home from my day job in NYC on Friday, buy ingredients at Whole Foods and then get to work. I’d stay up all night to finish the three soups, put them on ice to cool and then around 6am I’d put them in a cooler on the front porch with a money box next to it. My customers would drive up that Saturday morning, pick up their order and leave their payment while I was sleeping.”

Have you always prioritized healthy eating? If not, when did that realization happen for you?

“All throughout my youth I remember being “sick” regularly. Tonsillitis, bronchitis, sinusitis, toothaches, headaches, fevers and flus. It wasn’t until I was 14, I had a bad case of mononucleosis and it really took me out of commission for a while. I really wanted to feel better again, but things actually got a bit worse. I did regain my energy and strength, yet possibly because of all the antibiotics I began to feel much more distracted at school. My gut was likely out of balance, but all they could tell me was that I had ADHD and put me on Ritalin.”

“A couple years later, I was sick and tired and fed up with taking pills. I took control of my health, read a book called 8 Weeks to Optimum Health” by Dr. Andrew Weil and changed my life step by step. I started to meditate by doing breathing exercises to calm and focus my mind. I started a garden with my father to grow fresh veggies. I began cooking fresh from scratch more and most of all I really turned up my enthusiasm for living again.”

What does a day to day look like for you at Jubilee?

“We have loads of amazing produce harvested each week at the farm and once they are delivered to our kitchen, I have the honor of transforming these fresh veggies, herbs and fruits into delicious seasonal recipes for our customers. I also design the labels for the jars.”

What is your favorite Jubilee soup?

“I love the Healing Greens because it just feels so good after I enjoy a bowl.”

What do you think sets Jubilee apart?

“We are working with natural cycles and rhythms of life instead of imposing our system upon the land. This is a long term, sustainable plan that is slowly and surely yielding extraordinary harvests.”

What is your favorite part about being a member of the Jubilee team?

“I love the team of amazing experts. It is such a joy to learn from everyone’s unique genius.”

Where do you want to see Jubilee in 5 years?

“I envision Jubilee nourishing more people with our world class products and harvesting the most amazing tropical fruits.”

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