A Letter from CEO, Ryan Duncan

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"At Jubilee, our mission is to bring forth living, seed from seed, food to the world. Our philosophy is that food is only as healthy as the soil in which it is grown. As farmers, we allocate a good portion of our time to building excellent soil, through composting, chopping and dropping biomass, while using wood chips and life building teas. Our goal is to build life in the soil, which makes it nutrient and mineral dense, readily available for fruits and vegetables to absorb. We believe that living soil can't ever receive chemical sprays and stay alive. Healthy, living soils will fight pests and disease on their own.

We have to revisit how our food is grown and who is growing it.


For me, I did not always believe this truth. I ate and drank whatever I wanted with complete disregard for my health. This ultimately led me to stomach issues. I dealt with acid reflux, severe stomach cramps, diarrhea, constipation and vomiting on a regular basis. Going through my 20’s, I simply lived with it. I snacked on over the counter stomach medication like candy. It wouldn’t be uncommon for me to eat an entire container of extra strength antacids in a day. Eventually, I had to seek medical help. I was prescribed acid blockers and when I asked my doctor how long I would have to take them before I was cured, he laughed and told me that this was going to be a  lifelong issue for me. He said that I had to manage it with medication that I could take for the rest of my life with no side effects. That didn’t ring true to me, but what did I know? He’s the doctor!


Years went by, and multiple dosage increases later, the medicine wasn’t working as well, causing me to visit the doctor yet again. Now, in my 30’s, I was told that I had Stage II Hypertension and I needed to begin a blood pressure medication immediately. Once again I asked him “How long do I need to take this?” and he said, “It is safe to take this for the rest of your life.” In disbelief, I began the protocol. Almost instantly I started having side effects, some of which a man in his 30’s should not be experiencing! I then became angry and went back to the doctor. I threw the medicine on his desk and told him, “I’m not taking this stuff. It’s messing with my whole body!” He proceeded to tell me that my blood pressure was a ticking time bomb and I needed to stay on medication indefinitely. I refused and left the office.


I then began to obsessively consume information on alternatives to medicine for stomach issues and blood pressure problems, including movies such as Food Matters and Forks Over Knives. I finally said to myself,  “I can start eating a lot more greens!” Of course I took it a step further and I wanted to grow my own greens, so I built an aquaponics system in my backyard. Initially, I was making 3-5 smoothies per day with produce I grew myself. I felt instant relief for my stomach and within 30 days I was down 20 pounds. I was off my stomach medicine and my blood pressure had dropped significantly. I was blown away. That was when I knew that I was called to carry the “Food as Medicine” story to the world the best way I could.

The end goal is social change. Our end goal is for people to realize that living food is essential for wellness.


Thus began the birth of Jubilee Organics. My work quickly grew from a backyard aquaponics system to a 12 acre farm in sunny, Palma Sola Florida, where we control every vertical, from soil building, planting, harvesting, processing, developing recipes, preparing, packing and shipping our product to you. We harvest fresh produce immediately and prepare and package within days of harvest to lock in the nutrients, minerals and enzymes so that they are readily available for your body. We have been inspired to build our company in this manner to make sure that the product we are delivering to the consumer is in alignment with our mission; to “take healing food to the world.”


Looking ahead, our hope for Jubilee is to feed millions of people with food from our farms and kitchens. We want to see people healed and set free from the grip of disease. However, if we feed millions of people and build a multi-billion dollar business and we don’t initiate a national conversation about our nation's current food production and procurement system, then we have failed. The end goal is social change. Our end goal is for people to realize that living food is essential for wellness. A plant based diet is both essential and necessary. We have to revisit how our food is grown and who is growing it. The good news is, at Jubilee, we do."


-Ryan Duncan