The Health Benefits of Ginger


At Jubilee, we believe in superfoods and we advocate for including more of them in your diet. They are nutrient-dense foods that help you get the most out of what they have to offer in small amounts with big impact. Whether it be moringa, turmeric, or in this case, ginger, we encourage you to find creative ways to include more of these vital nutrients off the shelves at your local market and into your body. 

If you aren’t yet sold on the health benefits of ginger, keep reading to discover more about this superfood and find some practical ways to incorporate more of it into your diet.

It Helps with Digestion

For those who struggle with GI issues, ginger is known for soothing your stomach and easing the entire digestive process. It keeps constipation at bay and contributes to colon health. Stay regular with a simple supplement of ginger in your diet. If you struggle with digestion, you know that smoothies and soups are easier to digest. The good news is, we have both at Jubilee. To cool off this summer, create your own smoothie with our Mango Nectar. You will love the way it tastes and the subtle spice that the ginger adds to this rich elixir!

It Reduces Inflammation 

Ginger is one of the many ingredients that fights inflammation of all kinds. Whether it be inflammation of the GI tract, like we discussed above, arthritis, acne, or any other inflammatory issues you might face, consider supplementing with ginger. One of our favorite ways to ingest more ginger is to add it to a stir fry. Whether you are sauteing vegetables or adding a protein, throw some ginger into the mix for some added flavor and anti-inflammatory benefits. For an additional flavor boost and ginger supplement, consider adding some of our Thai Coconut Curry.

It Boosts Your Immunity

If you find yourself coming down with a cold, consider some ginger tea to boost your immunity, fight infection and clear your head. If you are looking for a homemade remedy, boil some ginger for a soothing tea without the store-bought packaging. We also recommend sipping some of our Herbal Broth to soothe a common cold.

It Lowers Blood Pressure and Cholesterol 

If you struggle with one or the other, ginger is the miracle ingredient that can help you gain control of your health. To avoid fatty buildup in your arteries, incorporate heart healthy meals into your diet. One of our favorites is the Nourishing Red Lentil soup. It is an easy way to get a delicious and filling meal, while reaping the health benefits that ginger has to offer.

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