8 Foods that Reduce Inflammation


Our bodies react to everything. It’s a simple concept that has in response, caused the rise of the anti-inflammatory diet. Certain foods cause an inflammatory response, while others help cleanse the liver of toxins and result in a healthier you. For example, fried foods, refined sugars and red meats can trigger an inflammatory response. Everyone knows the feeling of being bloated, tired and irritable after a large meal containing some of the above ingredients. Over time, this inflammatory buildup can suppress the immune system, resulting in cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity.

When we eat anti-inflammatory foods, like leafy greens, fish and fruits, we help our bodies run more efficiently and fight disease daily. While it might be tempting to reach toward the medicine cabinet to ease the effects of inflammation, consider reaching for the refrigerator to choose truly medicinal foods.


Found in our Jambalaya, okra is a disease fighting nutrient. It is packed with antioxidants that guard against illness and disease. High in fiber concentration, okra keeps you feeling fuller longer and boosts immunity. For women, this ingredient even promotes fertility. Talk about a superfood!


This ingredient has been used for thousands of years to treat inflammation specifically. We like to use it in our Healing Greens, but it can be added to any meal, from smoothies to juices and marinades to chocolate chip cookies! If you think there’s no way for you to add turmeric into your diet, think again. It can be baked into nearly any dish with minimal taste. If you have a favorite vegan pancake recipe, sprinkle some turmeric in for the anti-inflammatory effect.

Sweet Potatoes

These high fiber, antioxidant rich vegetables are said to be the secret to healthy, disease free living. Their vitamin concentration is not only impressive, but essential to fostering a healthier you. Sweet potatoes can be roasted, baked or boiled. Our favorite method is to roast them with olive oil, salt and pepper for some added flavor. You can also find them in our Sweet Potato Chili, a Jubilee customer favorite.


Ginger is a soothing ingredient known to help with nausea and an upset stomach, showcasing its anti-inflammatory capabilities. It has been known to help with pain, even that associated with arthritis. Ginger has been used for culinary and medicinal purposes, but when it comes to an anti-inflammatory diet, incorporating ginger is a no brainer. It can be used in tea, crushed into meals, blended into juices and smoothies or found in our Herbal Broth and Southern Greens and Peas!


Leafy greens are without a doubt, the healthiest vegetables we can incorporate into our diet. Spinach is high in carotene, B vitamins and calcium which boosts the immune system, fights against cancer, fatigue and premature aging. It also eases the digestive system for those with intestinal problems. Make a few more salads a week, or sneak in a bowl or two of our Healing Greens to reap the anti-inflammatory benefits of this leafy green!


High in vitamin C, folic acid and fiber, oranges are a great anti-inflammatory food and an easy one to incorporate into your diet. Consider a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice at breakfast or an afternoon snack of an organic, locally-sourced orange. Everyone loves the sweet citrus flavor and it will help your body fight disease daily.


Blueberries are one of the first fruits that come to mind when talking about an anti-inflammatory diet. They are high in antioxidants which fight against cancers, disease and sickness. Fruits high in antioxidants repair cellular damage and slow cell growth, while reducing inflammation. Our recommendation? If you don’t have blueberries readily available, go pick some up at your local farmers market and add this sweet snack into your diet. Whether it be on top of some yogurt, blended into a smoothie or eaten by the handful, blueberries are always a delicious, nutrient packed snack.


At Jubilee, we like to add farm fresh carrots to our Healing Greens, Plantato Chowder, and our Southern Greens & Peas. Carrots are a staple for us for a few reasons. First, they are high in beta-carotene which your body can readily convert to Vitamin K, an antioxidant. As we learned above with blueberries, antioxidants fight diseases like cancer, obesity and cardiovascular disease. Carrots are an easily accessible vegetable that most people enjoy eating, so sneak some of these into your weekly diet.

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