5 Reasons You Need to Know the Source of Your Produce

It Can Be a Threat to Your Health

Did you know that wastewater sewage sludge is often treated to be used as a fertilizer for agriculture rather than being sent to a landfill? This practice is widely used and according to the EPA, it takes place in all 50 states. Sewage sludge has the potential to be a great system for recycling nitrogen and phosphorus back into the soil, but the problem is, there is no regulation as to what the sludge contains. This fertilizer could contain toxins, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals and other chemicals that are harmful to human health and the environment. When you know the source of your produce and you know how it is grown, you can be confident that you are not exposing you or your family to harmful chemicals used to treat your produce. Farm fresh is always best. 

There is Communal Value 

Knowing the men and women who grow your produce has insurmountable value that shopping at your local grocery store will never measure up to. While you can buy organic produce at your local natural foods store, there is an aspect of community that comes with knowing the farmer, the grower and the team who cares deeply about feeding their community with the best ingredients possible. You can’t put a price tag on community. 

Organic Isn’t Always Enough

“Organic” has become such a broad term. Almost every product you see on the shelves at your local grocery store has an organic alternative. While having access to organic produce is a great option, it can feel as though the term “organic” is becoming watered down. That is why, at Jubilee, we believe in beyond organic produce. We are concerned with more than a sticker on a label, but with feeding our customers with produce that is grown in soil that has been cultivated with care. We ensure that no chemicals have touched your produce from start to finish. That level of trust can’t be matched. 

There is Accountability

When you are purchasing your produce from a local farm, there is a certain amount of accountability that comes with that purchase. If something goes wrong or you have a question about the best way to prepare something, you know where to find your farmer. You see the farm on your commute to work. You feel comfortable asking him questions at your weekly farmers market. That personal relationship between you and the source of your organic produce is invaluable. 

You Care About Feeding Your Family Well 

When you are the primary shopper, you understand the desire to feed your family the very best. You want the highest quality produce for your spouse and your children. Some days, this can feel like an impossible feat. It can be disheartening when it feels like everything that is easy to prepare is filled with chemicals and questionable ingredients. At Jubilee, we never want you to feel like you are alone in your desire to feed your family truly healthy meals. Our produce is ready to heat and eat and comes with buildable recipes that the whole family will love. Knowing where your produce is grown gives you the opportunity to feed your family with confidence. 

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